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Bentonite for mud

 Sinogel API-13A is an API-13A grade bentonite and can be used for oil and gas well drilling and civil-engineering incl. applied drilling fluid system for horizontal directional drilling (HDD), applied fluid solutions for diaphragm walls and piles, grouting, lubrication fluids for micro tunneling or pipe jacking, sealing ponds and irrigation ditches, drilling fluids for water well, exploration and mining, fluids solution for shield tunneling.


Sinogel GTC4 is a bentonite characterized by its high yield, high gel strength and low shear. It can improve the borehole stability especially in unconsolidated formations. The high performance and low concentration of the bentonite can reduce the quantity of the usage, the costs and the labor during transportation and mixing.



Sinogel API-13A

Sinogel GTC4

Viscometer Dial Reading at 600rpm

30 min.

Yield bbls/sht

140 min.

Conc. kg/m3


AV cp

15 min.

PV cp

9 min.

YP lbs/100ft3

12 min.

March Funnel sec.


Yield Point/ Plastic Viscosity Ratio

3 max.

1.33 max.

Filtrate Volume cm3

15.0 max.

22.0 max.

Residue on 75 micron wt %

4.0 max.

4.0 max.

Moisture wt %

10.0 max.

14 max.

Note: Testing procedure according to API Specification 13 A and ISO 13500                                                          


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